Offshore vessels

Leverage new technologies to access
granular analysis on construction activity
and vessel performance

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Differentiating factors:

Live tracking

Monitor vessels in real time while leveraging our contextual data such as fields, blocks and wind farms to better understand vessel activity.

Future schedule

Through compiling publicly available data and synthesizing it into a single schedule, we provide you with a view of future projects and vessel activities.

Performance analysis

By calculating vessels’ activities, we are able to derive granular performance analyses such as pipe laying speed, spooling duration, turbine foundation installation duration, etc.

Project fact sheet

Understand the full scope of a project and its execution plan by accessing information such as schedule, vessel days by activity, performance and historical vessel positions.

Vessel Specs

Keep up to date with the latest vessel modifications, monitor shipyard activity, and compare vessel specifications to better understand vessel capabilities.


Confidentially leverage your data with ours to enhance intel such as performance records and vessel schedules, to have the most complete data in the industry.

3 Markets:

45+ rigid pipelayers tracked
Laying speed analysis, spooling duration
Project execution plan
Wind Installation
30+ vessels tracked
Wind farm installation analysis
(vessel days per turbine)
Vessel performance
(foundation, TP, turbine)
1000+ vessels tracked
Pipe layers (rigid + flex), DSV, subsea construction, Jack-ups, etc.

Make The Maritime Industry Smarter and Greener

We transform marine data into environmentalimpact and operational efficiencies

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