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Spinergie develops CII calculation alongside SEACOR Marine for OSV market

Houston, Texas: June 1, 2023 – Spinergie, a maritime SaaS company using data analytics to drive emission reductions, has deployed its carbon emissions monitoring solution to SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc.'s (SEACOR Marine) fleet of offshore supply vessels (OSV).

Currently, the IMO’s regulations pertaining to annual Carbon Intensity Indicators (CII) only apply to vessels over 5,000 gross tonnes. While the SEACOR Marine fleet largely falls under this threshold, they are committed to improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions across the fleet and have worked closely with Spinergie to create a CII calculation that could be applied across the OSV market. SEACOR Marine recognizes that vessel-level emissions benchmarking and continuous monitoring are essential components in their pursuit of more sustainable and efficient operations.

The formulas provided by the IMO for calculating CII require adaptation to be suitable for offshore supply vessels. Spinergie’s digital platform, Smart Fleet Management, applies a methodology that calculates CII for each activity mode of a vessel. By consolidating these ratings using standardized utilization weighting, the method isolates the influence of varying operating profiles and utilization rates found across the offshore industry to provide a true baseline. Without this, the CII scores become moving targets primarily influenced by changing market conditions, masking any true improvements or setbacks. This CII data may also assist SEACOR Marine’s customers in their own emission reporting (such as Scope III emissions), and help improve the fuel efficiency of vessel operations, thereby reducing fuel costs and related carbon emissions.

SEACOR Marine provides global marine and support transportation services to offshore energy facilities worldwide. SEACOR Marine operates and manages a diverse fleet of offshore support vessels to meet clients’ needs across the full lifecycle of offshore development, with a focus on energy-efficiency and environmentally sustainable practices. As of March 31, 2023, SEACOR Marine owned and operated 59 support vessels with an average age of nine years, of which six are hybrid battery powered Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) with an average age of four years.

As a world leader in marine transportation, SEACOR Marine has made significant contributions to the environmental sustainability efforts of the maritime industry, including operating the world’s first hybrid battery powered PSV, which was delivered in 2015, and continuing to convert vessels to hybrid battery powered systems.

Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management provides the operational insights SEACOR Marine needs to make its emissions data actionable. By integrating data sources like noon reports, equipment sensors, positioning systems, weather, crewing, and charter party data, Spinergie’s users have complete visibility into their operations. Coupled with emissions metrics, SEACOR Marine can now evaluate the underlying operational drivers behind their direct emissions offshore. This includes the influence of speed, cargo, crews, weather, and operating requirements from charterers. Implementing the Smart Fleet Management platform has allowed SEACOR Marine to observe the environmental impact of its fleet and to use the platform’s data to arrive at a carbon intensity number as a baseline for further improvements, driving operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

As such, Smart Fleet Management serves as an integral part of SEACOR Marine’s sustainability efforts, answering the call of the IMO, the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 to take action to combat climate change and its impacts.

SEACOR Marine and Spinergie believe that collaboration with other industry participants is essential for driving change at scale. The two companies are actively engaging industry organizations to share the approach and drive consensus on emissions measurement practices in the offshore industry.


Patrick Sanguily, Spinergie General Manager, Americas, commented: 

“An impactful maritime sustainability program starts with an accurate emissions baseline. The multitude of factors influencing your emissions profile can make progress elusive without the right tools in place. We are pleased to work with a company committed to making tangible results without waiting for regulatory pressure.”

Kyle Pemberton, Manager of Engineering, SEACOR Marine, commented:

“SEACOR Marine is committed to providing an energy-efficient fleet focusing on environmentally sustainable practices that meet the needs of our customers. We believe that data from our vessels is a critical component of this effort. Harnessing this data, presenting and applying it in a meaningful manner, remains one of SEACOR Marine’s top sustainability focused initiatives. Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management platform provides us with the visibility and insights needed for the continuous improvement of the sustainability and safety of our operations.”



Mr. Patrick Sanguily, inquiries@spinergie.com/ 1-512-565-9377


Mr. Kyle Pemberton, kpemberton@seacormarine.com/ 1-281-819-5370

About Spinergie

Spinergie is a maritime technology company specializing in emission reduction, vessel performance and optimizing marine operations. The company’s digital platform offers the most accurate real-time operations tracking and benchmarking in the market. Powered by millions of data points, Spinergie leverages proprietary algorithms and industry knowledge to create customized recommendations for each operation and vessel. Spinergie’s user-friendly platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and sensors, contributing to a more transparent, sustainable, and efficient industry. For more information, visit www.spinergie.com.


SEACOR Marine provides global marine and support transportation services to offshore energy facilities worldwide. SEACOR Marine operates a diverse fleet of offshore support vessels that deliver cargo and personnel to offshore installations, including offshore wind farms; assist offshore operations for production and storage facilities; provide construction, well work-over, offshore wind farm installation and decommissioning support; carry and launch equipment used underwater in drilling and well installation, maintenance, inspection and repair; and handle anchors and mooring equipment for offshore rigs and platforms.  Additionally, SEACOR Marine’s vessels provide emergency response services and accommodations for technicians and specialists. For more information, visit www.seacormarine.com.

Patrick Sanguily
Patrick Sanguily
Spinergie General Manager Americas
Published on
June 1, 2023
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