Leverage new technologies
to analyze offshore drilling activity

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Differentiating factors:

Rig positions

Visualize rig locations combined with contextual data such as fields and licenses to better track activity (Explo / Dev / Prod / P&A).

Rig schedule

Analyze rig fixtures alongside inspection requirements and determine rig availability with our versatile interface.

Source access

Explore the sources of our information and track its origin to glean additional insights.


Confidentially combine your data with ours to develop a unique understanding of the market, such as having sourced day rates for most fixtures.

Rig Specs

Compare a complete listing of rig equipment and specifications while monitoring shipyard activity to stay updated on the latest modifications and SPS.

Future E&A wells

Identify upcoming business opportunities with future exploration and appraisal wells identified and referenced by operator, water depth and block.


Offshore rigs:
1500+ rigs
Offshore E&A wells:
400+ wells
per year

Offshore Data Made Easy

Transforming vessel positions into industry insights and operational efficiencies

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