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Jessica Bertsch and Jean-Baptiste Rougeot

Installing Offshore Wind: The Case for Feedering - Webinar

During this webinar, JB Rougeot and Jessica Bertsch, two of our market experts, will explore how feedering is reshaping project logistics in the face of supply shortages and regulatory challenges. Learn from real-world examples, uncover the potential value it brings, and gain valuable insights for developers looking to implement feedering successfully.

In the world of offshore wind, the past year has presented significant challenges. The industry, while experiencing remarkable growth, has struggled to keep pace with its own success. This difficulty arises from a shortage of critical infrastructure, including ports, vessels, and equipment of unprecedented size. Additionally, new regulations in emerging markets have added further complexity to project planning, causing logistical headaches for developers. These issues have driven up project costs in an environment already burdened by inflation and rising interest rates, leading to delays and even project cancellations.

However, amidst these logistical challenges, a promising trend is gradually taking shape. Initially applied to the installation of jacket foundations, many projects are now adopting the Feedering method for both foundations and turbines. When executed effectively, Feedering can enhance the efficiency of the primary heavy-lift installation vessel and offer greater flexibility throughout the supply chain, from ports to fabrication locations and beyond.

In this webinar, Jean Baptiste Rougeot, Market Analyst Manager, sits down with Jessica Bertsch, Sr. Business Development Manager, to delve into the intricacies of feedering. Our experts will explore lessons from existing examples, discuss its potential to add value to the industry, and provide insights on how developers can ensure its successful implementation.

Published on
September 26, 2023
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