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Spinergie Offshore Wind Forecast Webinar

Offshore Wind Installation Forecast 2035 | H1 2024

In this webinar, Drashya Goel and Yvan Gelbart explore what's in store for the Offshore Wind developments in the coming decade. Watch it now.

As more countries around the world embrace Offshore Wind development on their shores and announce ambitious targets, capacity projections for 2030 continue to rise. Governments targets around the world today add up to a whopping 234 GW of operational capacity by 2030, up 700% from 34 GW today.

However, a looming shortage of WTIVs, among other things, means 40% or more of this target will not materialize in time and risks getting delayed, or worse, cancelled.

In this webinar, we will present our latest update to the Offshore Wind Forecast. Get access to the replay by filling the form below.

Published on
April 25, 2024
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Drashya Goel
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