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How Spinergie helped automate Statement of Facts documentation and secured data for an international transshipping company

Accurate reporting is crucial for shipowners, but it can be a complex task prone to time-consuming processes and potential errors. Discover how Spinergie’s international transshipping company client utilized Smart Fleet Management to accurately calculate laytime and demurrage and gain a more streamlined and efficient system for their Statement of Facts (SoF) documentation.

Spinergie clients trust our Smart Fleet Management (SFM) solution to help automate and streamline reporting processes to increase efficiency and produce reliable data analytics. This use case shows how one client uses the reporting capabilities of SFM to compile their Statement of Facts documentation. 


Spinergie’s client, a transshipping company with a large fleet of bulk carriers, sought a solution that would optimize documentation for operations in Southeast Asia, including the Statement of Facts (SoF). 


The client's objective was to compile a SoF to communicate operational efficiency and performance metrics to its clients. Essentially, the SoF documentation enables the client and third parties to calculate events precisely throughout operations. It records all cargo handling from the ship’s arrival at a point through the start to the end of the operations and, finally, the ship's departure. By providing a consolidated and accurate record, the SoF facilitates agreement among parties on demurrage, laytime, and cost allocation calculations, so precision was key.

Previously, compiling the SoF relied on numerous and potentially confusing Excel spreadsheets. This meant that the already time-consuming process was complicated further by error-prone manual input. The sheer volume of data in an SoF document meant the client sought a single, clear reporting source capable of recording various elements, such as rotation timeline, activity details, cargo specifics, and contractual performance and delays.

Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management Solution

Spinergie’s SFM solution answered that call for SoF optimization. The required data was built using the digital Daily Report (DR), with this data fully editable by the crew to ensure accuracy. That data is then filtered through to a clean analytics dashboard which is accessible for daily monitoring. From this analysis, any number of custom reports can be created for the client; in this case, the report generated is the SoF.

daily reports in Spinergie Smart Fleet Management
An excerpt of the DR page in SFM
reporting activities in Spinergie Smart Fleet Management
An example of reporting activities in SFM: metric analysis of cargo loaded (weightometer tonnage) by vessel and day. Charts can be filtered to show various metrics and analyses.

The benefits of using SFM are clear:

  • Single Data Entry Format:  by only entering data once, at the DR level, the crew can ensure this data is fully accurate, with SFM also issuing alerts for quality checks where required. This is a significant time saver for the client and eliminates the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets and data sources to streamline the process and communication channels. 
  • Precise Records: all previous records are only a click away should any additional analysis be required or for additional reporting needs (ESG, MRV, DCS).
  • Integration of sensors: by client request, sensors can be added to monitor fuel, cargo, or weather metrics. This provides an element of automation that further saves crew time and increases accuracy. 
  • Customization: Spinergie’s solution can be customized to each client's requirements. Furthermore, it can be adapted to integrate existing procedures to smooth the transition to the new system. 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: aggregating operational data into analytical reports offers a strategic advantage, enabling data-driven decisions that bolster operational efficacy and fleet performance.
  • Reduction in Demurrage: by providing a transparent and accurate account of vessel operations, SFM enables fleet managers to dissect and act upon the origins of delays, which directly contributes to decreased demurrage expenses.


The client now has access to a streamlined data entry system, which allows for the precise analysis required for post-processing operational documents, including the SoF. Knowing that the information within is precise gives them the confidence to share the SoF with third parties. 

Additional benefits of using the SFM solution mean stakeholders can use simple to access data and analytics for further reporting tasks such as the ESG report. This access also saves time and aids communication as all data and analysis are available through one platform. 

An example of the Statement of Facts generated using Smart Fleet Management
An example of the Statement of Facts generated using Smart Fleet Management 

Find out how a West African Transshipper used Spinergie to optimize its operations in this use case and learn more about how Spinergie can help you manage your operations. Ready to see a demo? Contact the team today, and we will show you how Spinergie’s solution can be customized to adapt to your existing processes.

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November 28, 2023
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