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A transshipping and bulk cargo shipowner utilizes Spinergie’s Smart Report solution to standardize reporting across its entire fleet

How a shipowner uses Spinergie’s Smart Report solution to enable a cycle of continuous improvement

Shipowners have utilized Spinergie’s Digital Daily Report (DR) to enhance the quality of daily reporting and uncover data points to identify room for improvement within selected key performance indicators (KPIs). This has enabled the creation of a continuous cycle of improvement as report content is consistently and accurately monitored.


A transshipping and bulk cargo shipowner utilizes Spinergie’s Smart Report solution to standardize reporting across its entire fleet. They require a solution that accurately translates operations into data by setting up a custom-adapted reporting structure. Through this, they were able to set up their own criteria and KPIs which would be analyzed through data feeds, sensor information (fuel, engine hours etc.) and automated reporting. Using aggregated sensor data to automatically populate reports enabled the shipowner to save invaluable crew time across its fleet. 

The shipowner requires an innovative solution that integrates their existing systems with our Smart Fleet Management solution. This brought the client’s older and less intuitive system, one which took more time and allowed for more mistakes, up to date. 

Spinergie was able to map existing data from the shipowner into the new reporting module for a seamless transition. The learning curve from the utilization of the solution enabled the shipowner to adapt in line with new data points being uncovered. 

Spinergie’s smart reporting solution  

Spinergie’s digital Daily Report (DR) is highly flexible and can be customized to the needs of each client. Centralizing and standardizing reports across the fleet reduces time spent on reporting. 

Spinergie's Daily Report solution

Smart reports can be compiled through manual input or sensor information. Manual input will be guided by automatic field population, error warnings and prompts to encourage revision and ensure data accuracy. Data quality analysis ensures that any issues that arise can be dealt with quickly. These alerts can highlight any issues in reporting activity, such as overlaps or time missing, or any problems arising from consumption data input, such as mismatches between initial and final ROB, abnormal consumption in relation to vessel activity and running hours not matching AIS data, among others. Meanwhile, the automatic population is possible by using vessel location, activity detection, sensors and weather data.

Automated reporting saves countless hours of data crunching and ensures all fleet reporting is uniform, allowing like-for-like analysis. This can help uncover optimization opportunities and assist in larger reporting exercises such as annual reports, cost and tax allocation reports, ESG reports and operations reports. 

The solution also benefits from custom alerts and notifications to monitor vessel operations in real-time. As just one example, the alert will be triggered and send a notification when an unauthorized foreign vessel arrives within close proximity of the working area. Alerts can also be used to track the vessel itself when AIS disconnections occur and a number of other customizable scenarios including data quality. 

Using all these combined data points it is possible to interactively evaluate operations reports and validate information points using the combination of AIS and sensor data feeds. These are then presented in a dynamic interface along with contextual information such as weather conditions at the vessel location. 


It was important for the client to improve data quality and reporting accuracy. Smart Reports enabled this with a user-friendly solution. The shipowners were able to improve reporting consistently across the fleet with an immediate impact on time-saving and data quality

The solution enables users to visualize data historically and complete analysis in order to take actionable steps to reduce consumption as well as optimize and streamline operations to avoid demurrage costs

Contact Spinergie today to find out how our Smart Fleet Management solution can help you improve operational and planning efficiencies within your fleet. Click here to request a demo session.

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February 3, 2023
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