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How Real-time AIS tracking removes the uncertainty from monitoring fleet movements

Vessel tracking via a third-party provider can be a frustrating and challenging task. But what if there was a powerful solution within your digital fleet management system? What if you could access real-time updates across your entire fleet with customizable alerts, ensuring you are on top of notable events? Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution has the answers.

Tracking your fleet using third-party AIS providers has its limitations. So, what if there was a real-time solution within your digital fleet management system that easily leveraged inexpensive equipment that is already onboard? Spinergie has the answer. 

The heart of Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution is its live, customizable map interface. This map provides complete visibility across the fleet to show precise activity information in real-time. And we mean in real-time! Based on integrated AIS receivers, live information shows up to one vessel position every five seconds - no more waiting minutes or even hours for fleet positioning to refresh. 

Real-time AIS tracking ensures precise fleet analysis 

Vessel activity modes displayed on the map are produced by algorithms that interpret vessel positions, course, speed, nearby POIs, and any data available from onboard sensors. This real-time, antennae-based tracking is leveraged throughout the solution to populate the vessel schedule and performance analytics modules.

Antennas coverage in Spinergie Smart Fleet Management
AIS receiver locations (green) with the heat map layer activated. The heat map shows, by way of color intensity, how many vessel locations have been recorded over a seven-day period.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Enriched GIS data showing zones of interest, points of interest, and vessel positions can be specified and private to each client. The tracked activity links up with your Daily Report (DR) seamlessly to save crew time and reduce the scope for error. By tracking in real-time, the platform can algorithmically compute ETAs, benchmark voyages, and deliver operational alerts you can rely on. 

Adapt and plan for the future with access to historical context

Real-time tracking also means your onshore and offshore crews are equipped with the crucial historical activity context that can influence future voyage plans, support QHSE investigations, and enhance coordination with charterers. Easy-access tooltips give an overview of activity at each vessel position to see speed, destination, sea states, and fuel consumption for each AIS location before viewing contextual weather details at each point.

Historical vessel positions in Spinergie Smart Fleet Management
Historical vessel positions - each location marker shows contextual information on activity, weather, and the vessel.

Real-time AIS tracking improves offshore operations monitoring

Real-time tracking is not limited to your fleet; the AIS receivers will transmit positions for any vessel in the vicinity, typically between 25-40 nautical miles of range. This supports further assessment of traffic in the area for coordination, safety, and competitive purposes. These vessels can be referenced for further analysis against the public data that populates Spinergie’s Market Intelligence database of over 12,000 vessels. Creating alerts for other vessels encroaching upon your activity is also possible.

Vessels near AIS receivers, with contextual data in Spinergie Smart Fleet Management
Vessels in the vicinity of AIS receivers are marked as “other” and show contextual data, including heading and speed.

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These combined elements give Spinergie clients the edge when monitoring their offshore operations and gaining the granular detail crucial in future planning. 

Our team is excited to share what our real-time AIS tracking can do to help you track and monitor your offshore operations. Contact us for a demo today. 

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November 16, 2023
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