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3 ways shipowners save valuable time onboard and onshore

Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution is helping vessel managers save valuable time through digital reporting and real-time fleet monitoring. Read on to discover how to make the practices of your onshore and onboard crews more efficient.

Time is of the essence when managing a fleet of vessels, yet many commonplace reporting practices are time-consuming and error-prone leading to yet more time wasted for crews onboard and for those onshore. 

Taking the path of digitalization can significantly reduce time wasted. But it can also provide data points and insight that will enable vessel owners and managers to discover inefficiencies via a reliable, user-friendly source of information. They become empowered in making decisions to rectify inefficiencies while also reducing time spent on compiling internal and external reports including ESG reports. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time before discovering how Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution can make the practices of your onshore and onboard crews more efficient.

What is Smart Fleet Management?

Spinergie’s SFM web-based solution has been designed in order to help vessel owners, managers, operators or other stakeholders monitor and optimize their maritime operations. In it, AIS and data analysis are combined into one user-friendly platform. The benefits of the solution are many but fall under three broad categories: live vessel tracking, tailored digital Daily Reports (DR) and customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

These three elements are the key to unlocking time and money-saving solutions throughout a fleet of vessels while also ensuring real, actionable data is obtained in order to create an action plan to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Live Vessel Tracking: SFM’s customizable map enables clients to track live operations with contextual information included. These live updates are enriched with additional data from the DR as well as onboard and offshore sensors. 
  • Digital DR: Clients' operational needs are taken into account in compiling digital DRs. Vessel activities and sub-activities can be fully customized with a number of reports automatically generated. 
  • Customizable KPIs: KPIs are where clients are really able to drill down and discover actionable insights into their fleet management and behavior. Clients can measure vessel efficiencies and activity performances and uncover issues quickly.

Here, we focus on how SFM can help vessel managers to save precious time using the unique combination of these three features. 

1. Real-time updates with Live Vessel Tracking

Live Vessel Tracking has real-time updates on your maritime operations enriched with the contextual information you need to manage your fleet efficiently. A number of additional layers can be added to the base map, such as subsea field layouts, geofenced data and nautical charts, so everything is in one place with no need to search through multiple sources to view and compile the data you need to see. 

Spinergie's map of tracked vessel with real-time updates

Geofenced data is completely customizable so you will only see what is relevant to you and your operations: no more being bogged down by irrelevant and distracting information. It is possible to add oil and gas fields, exploration blocks, mooring zones, channels, safety areas, windfarms or other points of interest such as platforms, FPSOs, substations and buoys. With full customization, the choices are yours to make. 

Tooltips display key details of each vessel on the map with additional context including the latest position, activity status and weather data to give you what you need to know in an instant. This data is compiled using algorithms which interpret vessel activities to show data sets such as speed and direction to highlight whether a vessel is in transit, slow sailing or stationary offshore. The use of algorithms and automation means that crews are not wasting time updating this type of information manually which can also be subject to error. 

Vessel tooltip

The use of notifications and alerts can also be set up to save time. Alerts, which could be for HSE incidents, ETAs, operational incidents, speeding or fuel consumption, are set up to be triggered by a series of events and will then be sent via email to designated people in your team. Ensuring the correct data is sent to the right person in good time means action can be taken almost immediately. 

When the time comes to report on operations, everything has already been automatically recorded. Historical and real-time vessel positions are marked clearly alongside coinciding data sets such as vessel activities, weather, consumption or turbine connections. It is also possible to track third-party vessel activity in the vicinity which can save time when leveraging support claims or reviewing HSE incidents. 

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2. Digital Daily Report (DR)

Spinergie’s digital DR is designed to simplify data entry and mitigate user mistakes. Any data entered is instantly visible, provided an internet signal is available, with the latest version of the report sent to a pre-defined distribution list in an Excel spreadsheet format. As amendments are possible, the report will highlight what changes have been made therefore reducing any confusion or time wasted in clarifying data.  

Your reporting habits are taken into account when setting up the digital DR so any adjustment period to a new way of working is reduced. The Spinergie solution can adapt to leverage all available data sets to generate crucial reports such as emissions, consumption and ESG.

Spinergie's digitized Daily report

The user-friendly DR makes it simple to input contextual information such as POB information, operation descriptions, project progress etc. and can be tailored to what works best for your specific needs. It can even be adapted further for different vessel types. Activities and sub-activities can be selected from a fully customizable drop-down menu and configured to include whatever additional parameters are required. 

Some aspects of the DR are fully automated, reducing crew time spent on the task. Daily consumptions are calculated automatically with each tank referenced, while ROB values are prefilled and carried over from the previous report. The additional data layer of equipment running hours adds granularity to fuel consumption tracking and coordinating maintenance work and is also prefilled to save time.

Spinergie's platform ROB/consumption tracking

Minimal manual user input is required as the digital DR and other data sets are leveraged to populate ESG reports. Data is retrieved and post-processed to generate a tailored ESG report.  Automating this process not only saves considerable time but also limits the risk of unintended user errors.

3. Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Improving operations and working more efficiently is often a top priority. Through SFM, it is possible to obtain actionable insights that will go a long way in helping to achieve this goal. As with live vessel tracking and the digital DR, KPIs are fully customizable to ensure the focus remains on your fleet’s individual targets and needs. They can do this through three stages: measuring vessel operational efficiency, monitoring vessel activity performance and finally revealing actionable insights from the data obtained in the first two steps.  

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A case study of a customizable KPI is the ability to analyze and benchmark vessel consumption and ROB with many display options available to leverage insights on fuel consumption per nautical mile or kilometer. The efficiency of operational cycles can also be measured over time by benchmarking the distribution of operating time against non-operating time (OPS vs. OPS Stop).

The actionable insights revealed by KPIs can improve turnover by identifying reasons for interruptions to operations. It is possible to visualize these causes globally before drilling down to a specific operations cycle or vessel to identify improvement opportunities. Take the time wasted in searching through multiple data points out of the equation and let Spinergie’s solution do the heavy lifting for you, leaving you the time to concentrate on addressing any uncovered inefficiencies.

Spinergie's fuel consumpton analysis dashboard

Time is a valuable resource in fleet management, and traditional reporting practices, including the use of multiple basic spreadsheets, can often result in wasted time and errors. Embracing digitalization can revolutionize efficiency while providing valuable data insights. Incorporating Spinergie's SFM solution assists in making informed decisions, rectifying inefficiencies, and reducing carbon emissions.

Don't delay any longer—take the leap towards a more efficient future with Spinergie's Smart Fleet Management solution. Contact Spinergie today to request a demo of how our solution can integrate with your data to help you save precious time in managing your offshore operations. 

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