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How Spinergie’s Overconsumption Estimator is Helping Clients Identify Potential Fuel Gains and Reduce Emissions

Discover how Spinergie’s Overconsumption tool can help clients reach their decarbonization goals.

While live fuel consumption tracking has been available to Spinergie clients for some time, a new Overconsumption feature expands on previously available data. It allows clients to replay prior vessel conditions (wind speed, wave height, weight on board, etc.)  through Spinergie’s consumption models to estimate overconsumption periods. It will then recommend a speed to help reduce emissions while maintaining operational efficiency. Discover how it works and how it can help industry players reach their emission and cost-reducing goals.    


The need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is high on the agenda of vessel managers as they strive to make their fleets both more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. Spinergie aims to support clients in reaching these goals while helping them maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly environmentally focused market. Our Overconsumption Estimator is just one of the many features available to our clients within our Smart Fleet Management solution.


Spinergie clients often seek to improve fuel efficiency but face the analytical challenge of understanding the underlying performance drivers. While it was previously possible to see current fuel consumption data, including vessel speed and external factors such as weather conditions, they couldn't measure past performance compared to optimal performance. Accurately identifying instances where voyage plans or crew behavior could have reduced fuel consumption and emissions were impossible without this.

Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management Solution

The unique Overconsumption Estimator aims to provide accurate and reliable comparative analysis that pinpoints fuel-saving opportunities.

Advanced algorithms deployed within Smart Fleet Management consider performance data, weather conditions, and other operational factors, such as weight on board. This analysis provides vessel managers with a recommended speed range that minimizes fuel consumption while maintaining operational efficiency. It means vessel managers no longer have to rely on spec sheets or gut instinct to make decisions. Furthermore, vessel managers can now have fact-based discussions with their charterers to form optimal voyage plans that minimize fuel burn while maintaining scheduling requirements.

The Overconsumption Estimator allows vessel managers to easily compare recommended speeds against the vessel's actual speed during the same weather and load conditions. It identifies instances where the recommended speed could have been employed to reduce fuel consumption and, therefore, GHG emissions, yet was not utilized, providing valuable insight for future behavior.

Modeled Overconsumption In Transit in Spinergie SFM
Modeled Overconsumption In Transit: Allows vessel managers to view the vessels with the highest consumption and overconsumption to highlight where to focus their attention
chart showing modeled over consumption rate over time in transit in Spinergie SFM
Analysis within the individual vessel page provides insight into when overconsumption likely occurred in the past. The modeled Eco Speed (green line), computed by the vessel-specific speed curve, provides a guideline for vessel managers on what the transit speed should be to avoid overconsumption and achieve the best performance.

Instant comparative analysis unlocks valuable insights, allowing swift identification of fuel-saving opportunities and a clear picture of each vessel's performance gaps. Whether seeking fleet-wide improvements or diving into individual vessel performance, this efficient tool streamlines decision-making, saving time and delivering significant fuel cost reductions across your entire fleet.

relationship between fuel consumption and speed in Spinergie Smart Fleet Manamgement
Analysis shows the relationship between fuel consumption and speed during three condition scenarios: bad, average, and excellent.


Spinergie clients can use the Overconsumption tool to find the ideal eco-speed to reduce emissions fleet-wide. The feature empowers app users to make data-driven decisions by raising awareness of potential efficiency gains and savings. Additionally, it helps engage the team to meet decarbonization goals by involving the crew in actioning the insights gained through the solution.

Read how Spinergie’s fuel consumption analytics uncovered additional efficiency opportunities for an OSV manager and how our solution can integrate with your data to help you uncover potential fuel consumption savings. Contact us for a demo today.

Spinergie Smart Fleet Management
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November 28, 2023
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